Professional-level instruction for the serious musician

Check out the video below to learn some things about my educational style and philosophy. Scroll down for more information.

Private Lessons Overview

Please note: During this difficult time, a time for social distancing, I’m happy to offer online lessons via the Skype and Zoom applications.

I’m offering all private instruction for a discounted rate (see below). Please contact me for more details and/or to schedule a lesson. Thank you.

I offer private instruction out of my studio in the Chicago area. Lessons are typically either 60 or 90 minutes in length.  60-minute lessons are spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart, and offer great consistency for the intermediate student.  90-minute lessons 2 to 3 weeks apart and are most optimal for advanced students.

Each lesson is recorded on a high-quality Zoom audio/video recorder so that the student can recall and reinforce the instruction they received.

Please note: I am offering a special discounted rate for private lessons in my studio OR online via Skype/Zoom at this time.

60-minute lesson: $90 Special: $75
90-minute lesson: $125 Special: $100


-Please get a spiral-bound notebook for me to write instructions in (8.5×11″ standard)
-A digital metronome: I use both Tempo and Tempo Advance (Frozen Ape), but there are also many free apps that work just fine.
SD card, at least 4GB in capacity (higher capacity is readily available and recommended: at least 16 or 32GB for video storage). I use a Zoom Q8 to record every lesson I teach and give the file to the student at the end for their use. If the student brings their own SD card, I just record the lesson directly to their card.

Internet Video Lessons (Skype, Zoom)

If you live outside of the Chicago area and are interested in studying, I offer lessons via Skype. Contact me to schedule one.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Skype or Zoom account
-High-speed internet connection
-Account for online payment: PayPal, Venmo or Zelle (sorry, I don’t have a Chase account and am not able to use Quick Pay)
-Computer or device with front-facing camera
-Camera should be aimed at full drum kit, and having a practice pad helps, placed on snare or on a stand
-Headphones or Airpods highly recommended

Note: In the Zoom app, it helps immensely to turn off all noise-suppression settings.
Settings -> Audio -> Advanced: Disable “suppress persistent background noise” as well as “intermittent background noise”

More information about my educational philosophy can be found here:

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