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Special note: During this difficult time of social distancing, I’m offering special discounted rates for all professional custom drum tracks. “Normal” prices are shown below; please contact me and I’ll be happy to work with you on getting a quote.

I’m pleased to offer high-quality, affordable, multi-channel custom drum tracks for your recording from my fully-equipped, professional recording studio.

Any decent recording engineer will tell you that while mic placement, gain structure, and use of equipment is important, the most critical aspect of recording is the source.  One can have all the top-end gear in the world, but in order to make a truly great recording, you need players who get a big, musical sound, great time, and the experience and savvy to make the right musical decisions.  I draw upon three decades of experience in (and out of) the studio, and over a decade in my own studio, to bring an approach to your music that is solid, versatile and musical.


Up to 16 channels. Everything individually miked. Hi-hat, bottom snare and stereo room mics are standard. Spot ride if needed or upon request. I understand that as an engineer, producer or artist it’s important for you to have options, and I will give you as many as you realistically will need.

A roughly 320-sq-ft asymmetrical room, sonically isolated and specifically tuned for a great drum balance. Neither too big nor small; neither too wet nor dry. Room mics by themselves sound fantastic and give a great sense of the ambience of the room.

The right snare drum for your song: over two dozen snares, ranging from wood to metal, tight to fat, ringy to dead, wet to dry, solid shells to ply shells, and everything in between. I couldn’t possibly bring all of them to an outside studio.

Different bass drums for different applications: small, 18″ open-toned for a jazz, Motown or James Brown-type of sound. Big, 18×22″ cavernous rock sound. Smaller, shallower 22″ and tighter 20″ sounds for something in between.

Around 50 cymbals. Bright, dark, short, long. Rides of every variety. Splashes, special-FX cymbals, specialty hi-hats, etc.

It’s not even remotely feasible for me to bring all this equipment to an outside session, yet all of this is instantly available, because obviously I keep it all at home. When I go to a session, I bring the gear that beforehand I deem most appropriate. However, at my home studio I often discover, through experimentation, combinations that make for a more interesting sonic palette as a result of having all my options available to me.  Having my entire collection of instruments to choose from is a luxury and an advantage.

After all that, my NUMBER-ONE objective is to bring a killer FEEL to the song at hand. Nothing else matters to me, nor I would imagine to you, nearly as much. Thank you for your interest!

How It Works

You’ll send me:

-An audio file or set of stems of your track for me to play to (WAV or AIFF are the preferred formats), along with an exact tempo marking (or tempo map if it changes)
-Bit depth/sample rate info of your track: up to 24 bit, 96khz
-A PDF or JPG of a chart of the song, when applicable (always appreciated to expedite things
-50% of the mutually-agreed-upon fee up front

After I record my initial tracks, I’ll send you a rough-mix mp3 of what I recorded, then if adjustments to the performance or sound (if applicable) are needed/requested, I’ll finish the process.  After you give final approval and I then receive final payment, I’ll immediately upload the tracks to a file-sharing site for you to retrieve.


Per Song (4 minutes or less*): $200
First two fixes/adjustments on each song are no charge.  After that, $25/fix
*Longer or more-complex songs may be charged more upon evaluation
Payment methods available: PayPal, Venmo, Zelle (sorry, no Chase)



Shure Beta 52 (2)
AKG D112
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure Beta 57A
Shure Beta 98 (4)
Shure SM81 (2)
Michael Joly/OktavaMod MK-012 (4)
Shure KSM 44 (2)
Shure KSM 109
E/V N/D 408, 468

Monster Cable ProLink cables

Digital Hardware Setup

RME Fireface UFX premium audio interface
Daking Mic Pre IV 4-channel preamp (2)
Focusrite ISA428 4-channel preamp with 828 A/D digital card
Focusrite Platinum Octopre 8-channel mic preamp
Yamaha HS50 studio monitor speakers with HS10W subwoofer


Apple Logic Pro X (principal tracking software)
Avid Pro Tools 12
Plug-ins: Latest Avid, Waves Renaissance, Softube, many others

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